ASUS Sabertooth Z97 Mark 1 Motherboard Review


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Z97 BIOS Continued

The Tool section includes the EZ Flash utility, which can read a new BIOS file from any storage device– including USB sticks– attached to the system.


This is also where you can store your overclocking profiles. If you think you’ve got a really good one, you can save it to a removable storage device and send it to anyone who has this motherboard.


ASUS has changed the behavior of the My Favorites feature, which provides quick links to any setting in the BIOS. Previously, pressing a function key while you were in the setting you wanted to save was all you had to do. Now, you must go to Advanced mode, press F3, and then navigate this “tree map” to assign the settings you want to the My Favorites page. I liked the old way better.


When you press F10 to save changes, you’ll see a very handy list of all the settings you’ve changed in this session, so you’ll know exactly what’s going to happen when you click “OK”. This remains one of my very favorite BIOS features.


I’ll examine ASUS’ new version of AI Suite in the next section.


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  1. f doggrell

    will the asus sabertooth z97 mark 1 ( or mark 2 ) be fully compatible with the new broadwell cpu ? when will intel finally start selling the broadwell ? great review . thanks .

    1. Caring1

      It will be backwards compatible with current gen Intel processors as well, but you will lose some of the functionality. You will not be able to use Broadwell processors on current gen motherboards.

      1. David Ramsey

        Just to clarify: we know you will be able to use Broadwell CPUs on motherboards with Z97 chipsets. Older chipsets, well, I haven’t heard anything official either way.

  2. David Ramsey

    Broadwell support is the main reason for the existence of the Z97 chipset, so yes, any new motherboard with a Z97 will support Broadwell, although it wouldn’t surprise me if you had to update the BIOS when Broadwell comes out. As to when Intel will start selling Broadwell CPUs: well, it was originally supposed to be late 2nd quarter, but has slipped since then. Hopefully some time this year.

  3. James

    Re the mystery pins, I think it actually says “LPC DEBUG” so I’m guessing it might be to hook up something similar to this: http://amzn.to/1oedVBz

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