Phanteks Enthoo Pro Tower Case Review


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Detailed Look: Phanteks Enthoo Pro Exterior

The rear of the case is mostly standard, with a mount for one 120mm or 140mm case fan that can be moved up or down for more optimal airflow,  and eight expansion slots. There are no holes for water cooling tubules, as both the reservoir (with included bracket) and the pump (bracket sold separately) are both installed in the interior.  The 140mm fan shown is included with the case.

Phanteks Enthoo Pro Back Panel

The I/O ports are located under the top panel, which is flipped up by pressing on the top of the door. Unlike many door panels this panel actually feels quite sturdy and not a likely candidate to snap and break like others. The Enthoo Pro features two USB 2.0 and two USB 3.0 ports, one microphone and headset jack each, and the reset button, all pretty much the standard for cases these days. And of course, the case has internal connectors for the USB ports. As the Pro does not have the outer led strips that the Primo does, there is no LED switch.

Phanteks Enthoo Pro IO

Removing the front panel reveals the mount for the front fan(s), which can accommodate anywhere from a 200mm to dual 120mm or 140mm case fans. Phanteks helpfully includes a 200mm case fan for you.

Phanteks Enthoo Pro Front No Panel


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  1. Doyll

    I’m surprised there is not more about the PWM controlled 3-pin fan hub. It is a unique and very good way to have automatic control of up to 11 fan allowing them to idle at slow speed and ramp up as system workload increases. Makes for a very quiet system that can easily handle stress testing without overheating. 😉

    1. David Shields

      The case can only mount up to 10 fans and the hub has connectors for six. Sadly the explanation Phanteks provided for the controller was quite poor.

  2. JackNaylorPE

    You can, at least with the Primo, use two fans on each of the 6 connectors except for the first one which is req’d to be single because it needs a single fan to provide feedback of fan speed.

    From the Phanteks Primo web page (FAQ Tab)

    “How to use the PWN fan hub?
    PWM hub will enable PWM function to 3-pin fans. Fan 1 can only be connected to one fan and cannot be split. Fan 2 – Fan 6 can be split to multiple fans. Total of 11 fans can be connected to the PWM hub. All PWM functions will be controlled by fan 1. ”

    AFAIK, the only thing different between the 2 is the cable supplying 12v power if needed is a SATA Power cable instead or Molex used on the Primo. i expect to be doing a Pro build next weekend for one of the neighborhood boys.

  3. emilio

    Can this case fit a 360mm radiator on the top without removing the 5,25 bays ?

    1. David Shields

      You can’t remove the 5.25 bays, but you can fit a 360mm or 420mm radiator in the top regardless.

  4. Julien

    Hello David.

    Can i use a 45mm rad on top with 25mm ventilator for a msi x99 sli plus?

    Thanks 😉

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