Genius Zabius HS-G850 Gaming Headset Review


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Genius Zabius: Detailed Features

In terms of detailed features, one of the most attracting parts about the HS-G850 is the large 40mm neodymium drivers. Looking at the ear cups from the outside, we can see there is a silver metal finish along with the GX Gaming branding. On the edges of the metal finish are two red LED strips that will flash along with the bass.

Zabius Side Logo View

The red LED’s are a great selling point. These LED’s set the HS-G850 apart from other competing gaming headsets when it comes to pure aesthetics. They can flash brightly in a darker room depending on the volume level, but a switch to turn them off would have been nice.

Zabius Side View

The ear cups do swivel a full 90 degrees, which is good for storage and travel. The only thing I thought could have been changed was having the ear cups swivel inward with the drivers to the person’s chest and exposing the red LED’s as they pulse to the music. This is not a large issue, but it would have made more sense if the red LED’s were exposed since they are what make the HS-G850 stand out from other gaming headsets.

Zabius LED on Drivers

The large 40mm neodymium driver units have a lot of padding and cushioning to provide the best comfort to the ears. The padding is made of a cloth material, which can take time to adjust to. Inside each of the two drivers is the scorpion branding logo.

Zabius Driver View

Now that we have seen the detailed features of the HS-G850, let’s go into a closer look at its features.


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