Genius Zabius HS-G850 Gaming Headset Review


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Genius Zabius: Overview

The front of the box includes an illustration of the HS-G850 along with a few important key features, such as compatibility with Playstation 3, Xbox 360, Mac, and PC. It is important for a gaming headset to have compatibility support for multiple gaming platforms. This is great because this gives the consumer a lot of flexibility to switch between different gaming platforms.

Zabius Box Front

The back of the box has some specifications about the product and details about the inline control box. The control box is used to control volume and microphone settings. I will go into more details about the control box later.

Zabius Box Back

Genius did a very good job with the packaging for the HS-G850. Here we can see the headset under a protective plastic shield along with more detailed features about the accessories that are included in the box.

Zabius Box Open

Inside the box is a user’s manual, an RCA to 3.5mm headphone jack cable for Playstation 3 and Xbox 360, a 2.5mm male to male cable for Xbox 360 chat, and the detachable and adjustable microphone.

Zabius Cable Accessories

The HS-G850 impressed me a lot as it felt very durable and well built. Setting it up was fairly quick and simple. Here is how the headset looks like when it is fully assembled.

Zabius Full View

Now that we have seen a little bit of the product, let’s go into more details about the HS-G850.


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