Sentey Crimson Pro Gaming Keyboard Review


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Crimson Pro Detailed Features

The Crimson Pro gaming keyboard backlights each key with a red LED; you can choose to turn the backlighting off, set it to one of three different intensities– the brightest of which is rather bright– or have it pulse on and off. This image shows the backlighting and the WASD keys replaced with the included “gaming keys”. Although the documentation doesn’t mention it, pressing the “Increase brightness” function (Fn-keypad 8) when the keyboard is at maximum brightness triggers a “pulse” mode where the backlight slowly pulses on and off.


Although the Crimson Pro lacks dedicated media keys, you can access media functions by holding down the “Fn” key and pressing one of these keys.


Similarly, you can switch among the five supported macro profiles with the Fn key and these keys. F12– the “G/PC” key– switches between the last selected macro profile and a standard, no-macros keyboard.


The key caps pop off to reveal the Cherry MX Black switches with their integrated LEDs. Sentey lists the actuation force of these keys as 45 grams, which is a figure more typically associated with the much lighter MX Red switches. MX Blacks are normally specified at 60-80 grams. I can’t measure the precise force these keys require but it seems identical to my other MX Black keyboard and much heavier than my MX Red keyboard.


The key caps are molded translucent plastic with a black coating; the actual key legend is laser-engraved through the coating.


The key switches are mounted in a sturdy metal base plate which gives the keyboard a solid and flex-free feel.


Join me in the next section as I take a look at the utility software…


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