Sentey Crimson Pro Gaming Keyboard Review


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Gaming Keyboard Closer Look

Inside the product box, the Sentey Crimson Pro keyboard is packaged in a foam-padded, zipper-closed case that holds the keyboard, wrist rest, documentation, and accessories.


The keyboard itself has a standard 104-key layout, with black keys and a soft-touch faceplate. The first thing you’ll probably notice is the lack of any dedicated macro keys.


A heavy cable sleeved with black mesh terminates in a USB connector as well as 3.5mm speaker and microphone connectors. The connectors are gold-plated.


The keyboard contains a USB 2.0 hub, and unlike other keyboards I’ve seen with this feature, doesn’t require a secondary USB cable to support it. The headphone and microphone jacks are on the back of the keyboard, next to the two USB 2.0 connectors.


A lot of keyboards I’ve seen lately use very tiny labels for the indicator LEDs; some don’t use labels at all! Fortunately Sentey labels each indicator and port clearly. Sentey has eliminated the relatively useless “Scroll Lock” indicator and replaced it with the “Gaming” indicator that’s lit when any of the keyboard’s five macro profiles is active.


Accessories include the wrist rest, a utilities disk, documentation, stickers, a product catalog, and a door knob hanger. Not shown: the key cap puller and extra keys for the WASD cluster.


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