Kingston HyperX Fury DDR3 Memory Kit Review


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HyperX Fury Memory Overview

The HyperX Fury modules replace the Blu series from Kingston, filling the midrange “sweet-spot” for RAM modules.  DDR3 hasn’t changed much in the past year or so, but new architectures (Haswell/Kaveri) are starting to make better use of faster RAM speeds.  Kingston is offering HyperX Fury RAM kits in speeds from 1333MHz to 1866MHz which should cover the requirements of most enthusiasts.  DDR3 2133MHz modules are noticeably absent, but we’ll have to see if a simple multiplier setting can change that later on…first let’s look at the modules themselves.


Kingston packages the Fury RAM in an easy to open plastic case that secures the RAM sticks and keeps them safe in transit – but doesn’t make them impossible to remove from the packaging like those “tamper proof” packages.  Warranty information and a sticker are contained beneath the sticks themselves.


The asymmetric heat-spreader design adds just enough visual “bling” to keep things interesting, while keeping the overall look relatively conservative.  The coating on the white versions shown here have a noticeable texture – they’re painted a nice, matte white and feel great to the touch.  Now that the modules are out of their protective case, the black PCBs used on the Fury line become much more noticeable.  The black contrasts nicely with the white heat-spreaders, and adds a bit of “premium” feel over a typical green PCB.  Does it affect performance?  Not in the least – but for any system with a window, it’s a nice touch.


Kingston stuck with the “HyperX” branding on top, and the flat surfaces here make inserting the modules into the DIMM slots on the motherboard an easy and comfortable process.  The few cutouts add a bit of style, but the overall look is still tastefully conservative.


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  1. JohnFreiman

    I like how their specsheet/pdf ‘outs’ a new AMD A89X chipset/FCH. 🙂

  2. Vishvesh Mishra

    Great review…..I just bought a 16GB kit of the same and so far its performing rock solid on my Z97X Gaming GT paired with a i7 4770K.

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