MSI GK-601 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review


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MSI G-series Mouse Pad

When MSI shipped the GK-601 Mechanical Keyboard for review, they also mentioned that a gaming mouse pad would be included as part of the shipment. This section will detail the testing results for this mouse pad.

There was no naming information other than “G-Series – Just Game!”. The mouse pad is quite wide, around 380mm x 260mm or 15″ x 10″. This is a soft surface mouse pad.


The surface texture is very interesting. While it may appear grainy, it’s actually very smooth and has low friction. Personally I find it a little too smooth even compared to my SteelSeries plastic hard-surfaced mouse pad.


The bottom is fully rubberized and designed to stay in place. Having a strong grip is very important. A slipping mouse pad is probably the worst thing that can happen during any competitive gaming.

MSI GK601 Mousepad Bottom Material

Overall it’s a very simple mouse pad and suitable for those that like soft textile surface that have very little resistance. The advantages of this over a hard surface is that it doesn’t have any scratching noises during movement and better for the Teflon feet in the long run. If this is included free with the keyboard, I would say great, it’s a nice goody to have. However looking at websites with the GK-601 for sale, I don’t see this detailed there. Not a big deal as I don’t think the mouse pad is by any means a make or break reason to buy the keyboard.


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  1. nerdrage1983

    I have been waiting for MSI to release a review on this keyboard. I will probably get one now. Awesome review!

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