Tt eSPORTS POSEIDON Mechanical Keyboard Review


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Tt eSPORTS POSEIDON: Detailed Features

Taking off the keys to the Thermaltake Poseidon was rather simple. All what you can do is use something like a credit card and pry a key off from underneath. As you can see here, there is an LED for each of the Cherry MX Brown switches. This is great because every key on the keyboard is illuminated evenly. The keycaps are also translucent to allow light to pass through.

Poseidon LED Exposed

Having a closer look, we can see the Cherry MX Brown switches and the LED bulb for each switch. Because the LED’s are at the top of the switches, only the top half of a key will be illuminated. The bottom half will be very dim, which is a bit disappointing in my opinion.

Poseidon Switch Exposed

The Poseidon also comes with four basic media control keys. Some people would like to see more options here, but for a keyboard that is built primarily for typing and gaming, this is not a real issue.

Poseidon Media Keys

Here we have just the basic volume control, from mute, volume down, and volume up. I would have liked to see individual keys that were dedicated to volume controls as I personally think it will be quicker and more convenient to access.

Poseidon Volume Control

In able to adjust the LED brightness level, the Fn key needs to be pressed along with the F11 key to decrease brightness, or the F12 key to increase brightness. Press Fn+F11 a few times to completely turn off the LED back-light or Fn+F12 to turn the brightness level to the maximum level.

Poseidon LED Control

Most gamers just love to accidentally press the Windows key in the middle of an intense battle (I am guilty of that). To make things less frustrating, Thermaltake has implemented a button to enable or disable the Windows key. This feature can make things less frustrating if you always find yourself pressing the Windows key during a game.

Poseidon Deisable Windows Key

Having explained all of these features, let’s see how they work in a real word situation.


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  1. JackNaylorPE

    No commentary of the KB’s water cooling capabilities ? I mean any component / peripheral named after the “King of the Sea” must be water cooled right ? 🙂

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