Tt eSPORTS POSEIDON Mechanical Keyboard Review


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Taking a closer look at the Poseidon, we can see that every individual key has a slight curve to them. This allows them to be gripped easier with the fingers. The keyboard does lack a built in palm rest, but that is only an accessory that can be added later in the future.

Poseidon Front

Here we can see the opposite side of the keyboard. It has a height of 37mm, which is fairly thin for a mechanical keyboard. Also note the USB cable: this cable was routed using the optional cable managing trail underneath the keyboard (we’ll talk about this later).

Poseidon Back

At the side of the Poseidon, we can see that there is a slight curve with the keys leading towards the center of the keyboard. This makes it ergonomically friendlier for your hands. You can also flip out the plastic feet to increase the back height if this makes typing easier for you.

Poseidon Side

Taking a closer look at the plastic feet, it is rubberized to keep it from sliding while in use. If you prefer not to use the feet, the keyboard will still function and grip onto a smooth surface without any problems.

Poseidon Feet Down

Flipping out the feet will increase the height of the back of the keyboard by about 15mm. These are pretty big when compared to other keyboards and that is also another reason why it grips very easily.

Poseidon Feet Up

There are two trails for cable routing. You may route the cable to the left or the right side of the keyboard. It is good to see that Thermaltake has decided to implement cable routing for the Poseidon. This makes it easy to route cables and I think modern keyboards today should really come with this feature.

Poseidon Cable Management

These are just the basic features of the Thermaltake Poseidon Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, but now let’s go into more details.


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  1. JackNaylorPE

    No commentary of the KB’s water cooling capabilities ? I mean any component / peripheral named after the “King of the Sea” must be water cooled right ? 🙂

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