Corsair Carbide Air 540 Cube Case Review


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Internal Details: Corsair Carbide Air 540

Completely tool-less as well, 2.5″ drives stayed admirably secure. While they seem durable enough, it would be interesting to see how the plastic clips would hold up over time if they were constantly attached/removed. The entire assembly is more than sturdy enough for SSD duty, and I can’t image laptop hard drives would cause much trouble here either. An accommodation for active cooling may not be necessary, but it would probably be appreciated to have an exhaust here just in case (if you were running four 7200 RPM laptop drives and were really concerned, I’m sure an 80mm fan wouldn’t be hard to mod in…).


Now for the back side. There is a LOT of room here. Cable management won’t be an issue, but if you like things really neat and tidy there are tie down points along the “separating wall” as well as the front panel for cables. You will NOT experience any problems getting this side panel back on. By the way, each of the side panels is of the hinged variety, not the slotted type – another checked box for me (these types of panels are so much easier to open and close, and are much faster to work with if you open your case regularly).


The only issue I ran into back here was if I wanted to route the main 24-pin connector through one of those routing holes under the 5.25″ trays – there wasn’t a lot of room between the main panel and the optical drive trays. They can be removed after taking off the front panel entirely – it would be nice if these were a little more accessible. With most builds, a lower routing hole will work just fine, but something to keep in mind.


Those panels are pretty easy to take off if it were ever necessary to do so. Here’s the top panel, along with a better view of the fan/radiator mounting holes. Again, 2x120mm or 2x140mm fans/radiators can fit here, and there’s enough space above a normal ATX board to fit push/pull arrangements if desired.


After removing the top panel, the front rigid panel slides up and off to reveal a magnetic dust filter for the intake fans. This front intake area can also accept anything that would fit in the top, as well as a 360 radiator.


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