Cooler Master Elite 110 Mini-ITX Case Review


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Cooler Master Elite 110 Mini-ITX Computer Case – The Build

Now we’ll get down to the actual build inside this minimalist styled Mini-ITX case. Removing the top hard drive mount / cross member really helps aid in the build. With this case though, everything is gonna be tight. So you really want to plan out the steps of your build, starting at the with the vertical mounted hard drive(s) and/or 80mm fans, and finishing with the PSU and cable routing/tidying.

Cooler-Master-Elite-110-Mini-ITX-Case-Motherboard-InstalledAs you can see, there is just enough room on the right side of the frame to mount either 1 x HDD and 1 x SSD or 2 x SSDs respectively. Below the hard drive pictured here you have the option to mount 2 x 80mm fans if you choose to. While I admire and understand the option for more fan mount locations, I cringe at the idea of using 80mm fans anymore. Mainly because if you want some real airflow, then they’ll be loud! I feel that they might be mandated to help with keeping the system cooler and aid in cooling your graphics card.


Now I’m sure you’ve been already thinking, what if my graphics card pushes the size limitation to the max, and the power connectors are on the back of the card instead of the side?! Well Cooler Master has thought about that as well, not only does this cutout allow more options for cable management, it also serves as an easy way to get to those connectors on the back of your graphics card! As you can see in this photo, the graphics card I installed does not require any extra power connections. So this, in my case, was a mute point.



While on the subject of cable management, as you can see, Cooler Master was thoughtful enough to include several tie down points all over this case. The only problem with them on the front of the case behind the bezel is that you’re limited to how much you can stuff in there based on the amount of room between the front part of the frame and the case’s bezel. As well as the stiff cables that are routed from the USB 3.0 connectors on the side of the front bezel. The front mounted fan also poses a small issue, as you have to route cables around it to not interfere with its operation.



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  1. David Ramsey

    This is why I like SilverStone Strider modular power supplies. For $24.95 you can buy the “PP-05” short cable kit, which is perfect for building inside mATX or mini-ITX cases.

    1. Jason Vaught

      Yes, SilverStone does offer short cables! You just have to make sure about dimensions of the PSU as the Cooler Master Elite 110 supports a max of 180mm depth and the 1500W (although I can’t fathom someone needing a PSU this big in this case) is 220mm in depth.

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