Cooler Master Elite 110 Mini-ITX Case Review


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Cooler Master Elite 110 Mini-ITX Computer Case Overview

The Cooler Master Elite 110 is the newest member in the Mini-ITX Elite Series. Considerably smaller than the Elite 120 and the Elite 130, as you can see here, it provides an even smaller footprint than it’s predecessors.


The front panel of the Cooler Master Elite 110 features a full mesh grill and vents built directly into the bezel’s edge. Also built into the front bezel is the power switch which also serves as the case badge and power LED.


The right side of the bezel features two USB 3.0 ports, microphone, headphone, HDD status LED, as well as the reset switch. It’s worth noting that there appears to be an empty USB slot above the USB 3.0 ports, assuming Cooler Master wanted to allow an upgrade or modification in the future.

Cooler Master Elite 110 Side View

The rear of the case features two expansion slots, a small vent located underneath the power supply for the air from the front intake to escape.

Cooler Master Elite 110 Mini-ITX Case

There is also an optional fan placement on the right side of the case for 2 x 80mm fans (not shown). This would allow more air flow intake or exhaust. However, you lost a SSD mounting spot by utilizing the 80mm fan mounts.


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  1. David Ramsey

    This is why I like SilverStone Strider modular power supplies. For $24.95 you can buy the “PP-05” short cable kit, which is perfect for building inside mATX or mini-ITX cases.

    1. Jason Vaught

      Yes, SilverStone does offer short cables! You just have to make sure about dimensions of the PSU as the Cooler Master Elite 110 supports a max of 180mm depth and the 1500W (although I can’t fathom someone needing a PSU this big in this case) is 220mm in depth.

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