ASUS A88X-Pro AMD Motherboard Review


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Speaking of the UEFI, let’s take a look at what ASUS offers on the A88X-Pro. Getting there might be a little bit tough, though, as the post flashes by very quickly. I suppose that’s why ASUS included the DirectKey button.

ASUS_A88X_Pro_EUFI1The ASUS UEFI hasn’t changed much, and you’ll be familiar with the one on the ASUS A88X-Pro if you’ve recently seen the UEFI on any other ASUS motherboard. There are some interesting features that are a little newer, though, so I’d like to highlight them.

The UEFI starts up in EZ Mode, which lays out the basics. You get a quick system overview, the time and date, model number, BIOS version, CPU, and memory information. There are three one-click system performance options; Power Saving, Normal, and ASUS Optimal. The pyramid next to the options shows you how each will affect your performance, level of silence, and energy savings. Under that is boot menu, where you can drag on drop boot devices to your preference. To get more options, click the Advanced Mode button, or hit F7.


Clicking into Advanced Mode takes you to the Main section, which lays out BIOS and System information and that’s about it. On the top of the page, however, right in front of the Main tab, is the My Favorites tab. The My Favorites tab is pretty much the most interesting thing I’ve seen done with a UEFI since the inception of the UEFI.


Anything you come across in the UEFI can be made into a shortcut in the My Favorites section. That way you don’t have to go hunting for oft-used features. This section is great for me and I can imagine that any enthusiast/overclocker would appreciate it. I can stick the RAM settings and CPU settings that I change most often in the My Favorites tab and quickly and easily change the settings without scrolling through everything. To add something to the My Favorites tab, just hit F4 when it is highlighted. You can also right click the item to add it to the My Favorites tab.

ASUS_A88X_Pro_EUFI6The third tab is the AI Tweaker tab. There really isn’t anything new here. This is where you’ll hang out if you like to hand-tweak and hand-tune your voltages, timings, or other settings.

ASUS_A88X_Pro_EUFI3The Advanced Tab gives you configuration options for CPU, SATA, USB, Northbridge, Onboard devices, APM, and Network Stack. There is nothing here out of the ordinary.

ASUS_A88X_Pro_EUFI7The Monitor Tab is pretty standard as well, giving you temperature, fan speed, and voltage readings.

ASUS_A88X_Pro_EUFI4Next up is the Boot tab. This is where you can enable fast boot. Beware that you will have a difficult time entering the UEFI in the future if you enable fast boot, unless you use the AI Suite to reboot to UEFI, or use the onboard DirectKey button. Alternately, you can increase the POST delay time to give you more time to hit the DEL or F12 key and get into the UEFI.

ASUS_A88X_Pro_EUFI8The final tab is the Tool Tab. Here you can flash the UEFI to the latest version, check SPD information, and save your O.C. Profiles. It is becoming more and more important with new technologies being released to make sure your UEFI is updated. If you are planning on using Catalyst 14.2 Beta drivers, the first thing you should do is make sure the UEFI is updated to the latest version. Updating isn’t the challenge it used to be either. It has gotten a lot easier.


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