BitFenix Flo Gaming Headset Review


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BitFenix Flo Detailed Features

One last stop before we get to the testing, let’s take a little closer look at the BitFenix Flo headset.

BitFenix Flo left ear cup

As you can see, the BitFenix logo is set into the side of the headset. The logo is very unique in my opinion, so I am glad to see it placed here. The raised symbols for the microphone and headphone jacks are easily identifiable from the side. There should be no issues making the proper connections when switching between cables and attaching the microphone.


Here is another angle of the microphone and headphone ports. The ports are built into the left ear piece and are well constructed. The connections were very secure and never felt like they would pull loose accidentally. The swivel hinges that attach the headband to the ear cups seem solid as well. When holding the headset up by the headband the ear pieces don’t flop around, but they still easily adjust to the angle of the ears and head.


The ear cups feature BitFenix’s own “SoftFeel™ material” . The ear cups are very comfortable and even during extended periods of use, my ears never got sore or felt like they needed a break (I feel that I have an average size head, so individuals with larger heads may have a different experience). The cushions do offer an adequate amount of isolation from outside noises when listening to audio at moderate volumes. One thing to note is that the actual material used to cover the cushions does not appear to be very thick. I am not too sure how well they will hold up over time.


The headband for this headset is a soft, flexible plastic band (with five cushions along the inside) that is attached to the plastic housing of the headset. Even though the Flo uses this rather simplistic design, the headset sits on your head without being painful or annoying. The steel frame around the outside of the headset gives the headset its rigidity and structure, while delivering adequate pressure to stay put on your head. The only complaint here is that BitFenix could have used a little better design for the headband. Maybe something similar to the pair of Sennheiser HD 419 headphones I have here.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Above you can see the five cushions on the inside of the headband. Despite the few number of cushions, the headset is very comfortable.


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