BitFenix Flo Gaming Headset Review


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BitFenix Flo Overview

From the very first glance I was really attracted to the look of the Flo. The headset was designed with beauty in mind and the “SofTouch™ Surface Treatment” BitFenix used on the headset is a pleasure in the hands. The included interchangeable cables have a good thickness to them and appear to be well built. The gauge of the cables is at least twice that of the other headphones I have had previous experience with.

Flo & mobile cable

The 1m mobile audio cable is long enough to allow whatever mobile device you have it connected to rest comfortably on your lap or if it is a smaller device, in your pocket. While working in my office, I would attach the mobile cable to my phone and stick it in my pocket for listening while I worked.

Flo, mic & PC cable

Also included with the headset is a 1m long cable with in-line volume control, a 2m long PC cable with headphone/microphone plugs and a detachable flexible microphone. The cable with the in-line remote allows easy adjustment of volume to the headset and a mute button for the microphone.

Flo & mic

The microphone and the cables connect to the bottom of the left ear cup. The microphone can be flexed from right to left for adjustments as close to your mouth as needed. When using the microphone, I never had a complaint of not being heard.

Flo, mic & PC cable attached

The headset is truly a pleasure to use. The soft touch surface gives the headphones a luxurious feel and the connections on the headset and the cables themselves appear to be made very well.


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