AZZA CSAZ-XT1 Full-Tower Gaming Case Review


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AZZA XT1 Exterior Case Details

If you want to make the AZZA XT1 case look a little more beefier, go ahead and strap on these stylish grills. It comes with four of these fan grills that can be strapped onto the exterior of the case. Two of them may be placed on the front and two of them may be placed at the top. Depending on your style, the case does look great with or without these grills.

Azza XT1 Grills

At the bottom of the front-panel, there is a hot-swappable drive bay for hard drives. This will fit standard 3.5 inch hard drives and is perfect if you plan to travel often while still having important data with you. Behind the drive bay is a preinstalled circuit board that has a red LED activity light with a SATA and 4-pin molex power connection that will be used to connect to the circuit board and access the swappable storage drive.

Azza XT1 Hot-Swap HDD Bay

The four 5.25 inch expansion bays can be used to install DVD and Bluray burner drives. The doors are easily removed by pinching both of the protruding ends of the cover towards the center. Simply pull off the cover and now you can install what ever you want to these expansion bays.

Azza XT1 Drive Bays

At the back side of the case, the large 230mm red LED fan (located at the top) has a fan controller built in. You may set the fan to run at a low, medium, or high speed depending on temperatures and your noise preference. But since it is a 230mm fan, it does not need to spin very fast to move a lot of air. Due to its large size, it can move a significant amount of air just running at the low speed setting.

Azza XT1 230mm Fan Controler

Now that we have seen a closer look at the exterior of the AZZA XT1 case, let’s go ahead and see what’s on the inside.


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