AZZA CSAZ-XT1 Full-Tower Gaming Case Review


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Closer Look: AZZA XT1 Exterior

Starting out at the front of the AZZA XT1, we can see that most of the entire front-panel has ventilation holes. This allows passive airflow into the case through the expansion bays. There’s nothing too interesting about the front, but starting from the top, there are four available 5.25 inch expansion bays at the top for DVD and Bluray burners. Moving down we can just barely see that large 140mm red LED fan that will intake cool air from the outside of the case.

Azza XT1 Front Grills Removed

The front-panel ports are actually located at the very top of the AZZA XT1. Starting at the far left are two USB 3.0 ports. Then we have a microphone and headphone jack along with two USB 2.0 ports at the far right. Moving up at the very top is a large power button that will glow red once the computer is powered on. At the bottom left of the power button is a small reset button, and at the bottom right is a hard drive activity light.

Azza XT1 Front Panel Ports

Now that we have seen the front, let’s take a look at the back. Starting at the very top are two water cooling retention holes. Moving down we will see there is a preinstalled 120mm standard fan to exhaust the warm air out of the case. Below the fan you will also notice there are two more water cooling retention holes, a total of four on the back for flexible water cooling capabilities. To the left of the bottom water cooling retention holes are the eight expansion slots for video cards, sounds cards, and other devices. Then finally at the bottom is where you find the mount for a standard ATX power supply.

Azza XT1 Back

The AZZA XT1 would not be a gaming case if it did not have a side panel window. There is also a nice large 140mm red LED fan strapped on the lower left side of the case to intake cool air to your high-end video cards. Also keep note of the tall rubber feet. This lifts the case higher off the ground compared to normal cases, which gives more breathing room for your bottom mount power supply. There is also room for a bottom 120mm fan and a dust filter is in place for easy removal and cleaning.

Azza XT1 Side with Panel

As you can see, the AZZA XT1 case is nicely built with many of the essential features needed for a complete gaming build. Front panel ports that are located at the top of the case give better accessibility to them as they become easier to access. Four water cooling retention holes allows for flexibility for a custom water cooling system. A bottom mount for a power supply keeps the power supply much cooler as warm air rises and does not give the power supply a chance to heat up. Now that we have looked at the basics of the exterior, let’s go into more details.


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