Roccat Kone Pure Mouse Review


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Roccat Kone Pure Details

One of the Kone Pure’s best feature is called the “Titan Wheel.” The mouse wheel boasts such specifications as a 3Kg push force tested in every direction and a new encoder that can sense up to 720 degrees in both wheel directions per second. It is manufactured with high-quality components and includes an incredibly strong axis pressure point.

pure_titanwheel titan-wheel

A surprise auto-flash of the Kone Pure’s firmware is presented upon plugging the mouse in. This was before drivers where even installed! As for the drivers themselves, one needs to go to Roccat’s main site to download them, since a support CD is not provided with the package.pure_firmware

There is a total of 5 main profiles that can be flashed to memory. The Main Control tab regulates wheel mouse control and laser sensitivity (in 200 DPI increments from 200-8200 DPI). Oddly enough there is a section for horizontal tilt speed, even though the Kone Plus does not mechanically support side scrolling. By default depressing the middle mouse button yields a universal scroll; however, this may be changed to any key in the Button Assignment tab. If the  preset default macros are just not enough for you, there is also a section here to specifically record any macro you wish.

pure_cp_01 pure_cp_02

The Advanced Control tab features basic axis sensitivity, pointer speeds, and polling rates. What really stands out though is the tracking and distance (lift-off) control calibration. This feature alone makes the Kone Pure feel like it “locks in” solid on the mouse surface and prevents fine quivers or jittering (even due to fine dust). The Color Control tab dictates how the logo effects are presented: fully lit, breathing, or off. The entire RGB color spectrum is available here to select from as well as 16 standard color selections. Keep in mind that this great in theory, but in reality, one can only visually differentiate between the base 16 colors (unless the “breathing” effect is selected).

pure_cp_03 pure_cp_04

The R.A.D. tab is a type of stats panel that records all physical mouse activity. Not particularly useful by any means, but it is interesting to see how many meters one has moved the mouse. The last Update/Support tab gives information on firmware version, driver update links, and online support.

pure_cp_05 pure_cp_06

Not surprisingly the Kone Pure has almost the exact same driver layout as the Kone [+] and Kone XTD. This is also reflected in the Kone Pure’s physical appearance and design, with the exception of being 91% the physical size of it’s older siblings.


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