Roccat Kone Pure Mouse Review


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Roccat Kone Pure: A Closer Look

When receiving the Kone Pure one can not notice the flare and style of the box, boldly proclaiming how it is a tool of relentless power and masterful control. Very exciting times. If the Kone Pure is as solid as it’s last 2 iterations, this may hold to be true.

pure_box-01 pure_box-02

The Kone Pure is a slightly different beast in the fact that it is 9% smaller then the Kone [+] and Kone XTD. This puts it in the mid-range size of mice and is designed for more of a “claw” like approach when using it.  If you have smaller hands it still possesses key ergonomic qualities: a shallow indentation for a thumb rest. Please be aware that macro shots where used to show the most possible detail of the Kone Pure and it can appear to look larger then it really is.

pure_leftThe right profile of the Kone Pure shows off the special “Soft-Touch” surface. Sure it looks and feels pretty much like all the other rubber/plastic synthetic materials; however, what makes it a little bit more special is that it doesn’t attract smudges, dirt, or fingerprints. An interesting thing to notice is that the “+” and “-” DPI switches (below mouse wheel) are using a single plastic-piece type of rocker switch which tends to give a more firm tactile feedback.


The bottom of the Kone Pure proves to have extraordinarily large mouse pads. Due to this and the material that the pads are made of, a soft mouse pad is definitely required (opposed to a hard surface or the pads are going to wear down in 3 months). Boasting 16.8 million colors for the logo is a little over the top for an LED of this nature, but we will go into this in more detail in the drivers section.

pure_bottom pure_light

From the looks of it the Kone Pure it appears solid enough for a mid-sized mouse, encompassing the necessary features with keeping the dramatic flare down to a minimum. Keep in mind that this product is also available in colorful shells including: Hellfire Red, Inferno Orange, Polar Blue, and Phantom White (the latter being all white but the buttons themselves).


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