Corsair Raptor M45 Gaming Mouse Review


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Gaming Mouse Overview

Corsair certainly has the “product presentation” thing down. When you first open the M45 Gaming Mouse box, you’re presented with this:

Corsair M45 gaming mouse in box

The contrast between the bright red box and black mouse, along with the stark simplicity of the presentation, makes a striking first impression.


The mouse itself is fairly ordinary-looking, at least by the standard of gaming mice. This left oblique view shows all seven programmable buttons: the two thumb buttons, the left and right-click buttons, the scroll wheel (which can be pressed down as a button), and the two DPI selector buttons just below the scroll wheel, flanking the LED DPI indicator. The USB cable is covered with black braided sleeving.


The right side of the mouse is a plain grip surface without any buttons or controls.


The rubber-covered metal scroll wheel has a nice heft to it. The mouse cord attaches to the right side of the mouse (as seem from the front)…this is definitely a right-handed mouse.

corsair raptor m45 mouse documentation

As with most mice and keyboards these days, the documentation is extremely minimal and you’re referred to the web site to download the latest version of the driver software.


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