Ducky Shine 3 Mechanical Keyboard Review


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Ducky Shine 3 DK9008 Detailed Features

Lighting and Customization

The Ducky Shine 3 does excel exceptionally well in one key area, lighting. Ducky Channel really invested some thought into how they wanted their keyboards illuminated. Customization, effects, and even profile specific functions allow the user to make this keyboard truly their own.

The Shine 3 comes with a Snake design spacebar, but if you prefer a more traditional spacebar then you can swap it out for the included Duck head spacebar. Although cool looking, it removes all lighting effects from the top of the key, while preserving them on the side of the key.

Note: The spacebar key uses a somewhat proprietary design, it effectively uses three switches, one real switch in the middle and one “non-activating” switch on each side. Removal of the spacebar needs to be done with patience and care, as it can result in cracking in the center. Even though Ducky provides a key removal tool, I recommend you use it or something similar and pry at the middle of the spacebar, not on the sides.

Ducky DK9008 Shine 3 Alternate Spacebar

After removing the spacebar, you can see the Cherry MX Blue switch underneath along with two “dummy” switches and two additional LEDs (RGB).

Ducky Shine Spacebar Closeup (Spacebar Removed)

Depending on your configuration, you can have the model specific LED on the spacebar’s switch illuminated all the time or simply illuminated when you press it. The RGB LEDs on the spacebar are controlled by utilizing the FN + Ins (Red) / Home (Green) / or PgUp (Blue) keys. You can always reset it back to zero (no color) by pressing the FN + Esc. Below are some different colors generated with these LEDs.

Ducky Shine Spacebar Closeup (Purple)

Ducky Shine Spacebar Closeup (Blue)

The Shine 3 version that I’m writing this review with is the green LED version, utilizing the Cherry MX Blues. Here is a shot with the “Full – 100%” lighting effect at maximum brightness and the room lights off. As you can see, it produces a nice soft glow that I don’t find overly bright, though some might. In this photo I’m utilizing the green setting of the RGB LEDs on the keyboard as well.

Ducky Shine Top Down View Lights On - Room Lights Off

Along with the replacement spacebar, Ducky also includes red replacement keycaps for the WASD keys, a perfect option for gamers. Once again another shot of the Cherry MX Blue switch, this time with the LED on the switch illuminated. Ducky DK9008 Shine 3 keycap replacement   If you don’t like the idea of having the WASD keys be red, while the rest of the board black, then Ducky created a solution for that as well! Ducky has built in a “record” function, broken up into two different profiles called CM1 (FN+F8) and CM2 (FN+F9).  To record in customization mode 1 (CM1) you hit FN+ Print Screen, to record in customization mode 2 (CM2) you hit FN+ Pause. What this enables is the ability for you to select which keys remain illuminated under each profile, allowing you to fully customize your gaming experience.

Note: Print Screen Key will not be recorded in Customization Mode 1. Pause Key will not be recorded in Customization Mode 2. If no changes are made within 30 seconds in recording mode, the recording session will be terminated. In CM1 and CM2 mode, you will also be able to adjust LED brightness. Ducky Shine 3 DK9008 Record 1 Command Line

The Shine 3 also utilizes some interesting lighting effects, all of which have speed adjustment, and brightness adjustments utilizing the FN + arrow keys. The lighting effect options include:

  • Full (100%) – Full light up keyboard as pictured above. Adjustable brightness settings via the FN + and either up or down arrow.
  • Breathing – The lights are all lit, and scale up and down in a pattern based on the speed you set it to. Careful with this setting, as at full blast it seems you might could trigger a seizure.
  • Wave Marquee – Left to right, it will dim and brighten across the keyboard, also speed adjustable
  • Snake Marquee – This mode is just like the old snake game, it starts out at the top row, moving from left to right, and when it reaches another row, it begins to move right to left, alternating with each row, illuminating about nine keys at a time with different brightness settings.
  • Reactive Mode – This mode allows you to either set the keyboard at full illumination, making each key dim with the press of the key, or set the keyboard to full dark and make each key illuminate with each press of the key. This setting is my personal favorite, and the brightness levels in all aspects of it are adjustable.
  • Ripple Mode – This mode is kind of fun, when you press a key, the surrounding keys all illuminate and spread outwardly in circular pattern til they reach the edge of the keyboard on both sides. You can adjust the speed of the ripple from very slow to blazing fast. When typing rapidly, it makes for a very interesting light show.
  • Aurora Mode – This mode illuminates the keys on both sides of the key that you’ve pressed, in an outward motion on each side, illuminating only the keys on the row of which the original keypress occurred. It does not, however, illuminate the actual key that you have pressed itself.
  • Dark Mode – Not officially listed as a “mode”, but some might find it useful to be able to just have an all dark keyboard with no illumination.


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