ROCCAT Siru Gaming Mousepad Review


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ROCCAT Siru Mousepad Overview

Back in the day a mousepad was a soft cushioned surface designed for ball mice. With the introduction of optical and laser mice, mousepads (for most of us) grew obsolete. Gaming peripheral manufacturers put in a lot of R&D time and money into developing the perfect mousepads for their devices. These surfaces can be hard or soft, thick or thin, increase or reduce drag and much more.


The ROCCAT Siru has its own unique shape to set it apart from all the other oblong mousepads out there. Other than that the overall design is quite plain. The effective size of the Siru mousepad is 34cm x 25cm which is slightly larger than a sheet of A4 paper.


The surface is a highly speckled finish that you only see when you look real close, very similar to a powder coated paint finish. There is a light texture but feels almost smooth.


A unique feature of the Siru mousepad is how thin it is. It is only slightly thicker than the retail packaging. At 0.5mm thick it is both flexible as paper and rigid like plastic.


The backing surface of the ROCCAT Siru Mousepad is a new innovation in non slip and really works well. Over 2000 tiny little pads individually grip your PC desk/table and ensure that the mousepad will not budge even the slightest little bit.


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