ROCCAT Ryos MK Pro Gaming Keyboard Review


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ROCCAT Gaming Keyboard Software

In this section we will have a look at the software that drives the ROCCAT Ryos MK Pro Gaming Keyboard.


The main control tab is where you set the function of the modifier keys (EasyShift[+] and FN keys) and enable/ disable the default windows modifier keys. Key illumination brightness can be set in this screen as well.


In the key assignment screen users can re-map and assign secondary functions to all of the keys with the exception of the escape key. The software utility separates the keys into the following zones; M-Keys, Thumbster Keys, Easy-Zone, and F-Keys.  The F-Keys also have a third function when pressed in conjunction with the ‘FN’ key (next to the right ALT key).


The key illumination tab of the Ryos MK Pro software utility is a little counter intuitive. There are no instructions on how to change the illumination of the keys so you must try to figure it out for yourself. It would be a really simple task if there was a dedicated physical key or button on the keyboard. Instead you must select each key individually and assign colour on or off.


The ROCCAT R.A.D. tab tracks your keystrokes and awards achievements when you get to certain milestones. Statistics are kept for the for the WASD, EasyShift, Macro, and Thumbster keys – collecting info on total keystrokes, average per hour and average per day.


The last tab of the RYOS keyboard utility allows you to check for driver updates and get online support in one convenient location, this saves you having to trawl through the website in order to find the relevant pages.


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