CM Storm Reaper Mouse Review


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Gaming Mouse Final Thoughts

The Reaper is definitely a gamer’s weapon to contend with. The ability to achieve any DPI on the fly definitely will give  a serious edge in first-person shooters. Accompanied with that elite Storm mouse wheel and you have a deadly package combination.

A few things to keep in mind though about this particular model is the ergonomic approach Cooler Master took. After prolonged use the higher arc of the metal plate does bring about some fatigue if you are a palm type user (not applicable to claw type users). The metal plate itself is supposed to be a special feature to customize the mouse and doubles as “passive cooling;” however, in real world testing the metal plate did not cool human hands well. One additional thing to note here is that the position of the clutch button makes it so you can only depress it with the tip of your thumb, making the simultaneous depression of the other thumb buttons impossible.


CM Storm Reaper


Performance wise the Reaper gets it right from the solid laser sensor (the latest Avago ADNS-9800) to the perfect Omron switch responsiveness. The mouse wheel and clutch is what really makes this product stand out from the rest. With the latest monitor resolutions as high as 4k, the Reaper can fit the bill easily.

The Reaper also nailed the aesthetics right too. The soft glowing accents and customizable metal plate fits nicely with any Storm themed outfit. It looks like a piece of living science fiction sitting on your desktop.

Functionality wise the Reaper lays out the optional drivers in a streamlined and logical fashion that any novice could configure. The only issue here is that upon driver initialization it appears the memory in the mouse is on the slow side and takes up to 30 seconds to read what is flashed in memory.

Being that the majority of the Reaper is constructed from metal instead of plastic, it is built like a tank. This mouse is going to be able to take a lot of abuse and be able to shrug it off no problem. Some may be put off by not having the option of a customizable weight set, but at 145 grams it is already dangerously close on the heavy side.

Even though the Reaper isn’t immediately available as of this writing, it will be released with an approximate MSRP of $65. If one is patient it may even be available at a cheaper price point. Considering the Reaper offers not only a decent base feature set, but went the extra mile on the wheel and clutch control, this is a fair price, but would fall into a more optimal scoring range if it was in the $50 range.


+ Maximum DPI of 8200
+ Industrial mouse wheel with incredible fluidity and smoothness
+ Clutch button for instant DPI on-the-fly change
+ Omron switches


– Slight fatigue due to high arc of metal plate (may not apply to claw users)
– Metal plate does not adequately support “passive cooling”
– Clutch button should be positioned back closer to other thumb buttons


  • Performance: 8.75
  • Appearance: 8.00
  • Construction: 9.00
  • Functionality: 7.25
  • Value: 7.00

Final Score: 8.0 out of 10.


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