CM Storm Reaper Mouse Review


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CM Storm Reaper Details

Just take a gander at this massive metal mouse wheel! It is oversized, rock solid (no wobble), and has the perfect amount of resistance between the soft yet distinct indentation scrolling (the scroll and click is completely silent). Now that’s a mouse wheel made right. Notice below the white LED accent “headlights” which are not overpowering or obnoxious.reaper-wheelHere is low-level light shot illustrating the soft white light rays emanating from the Reaper. The sharp, distinct, white line dissecting the middle lends an almost industrial and futuristic feel. Lighting may be changed for intensity as well as four basic parameters including breathing and rapid-fire.reaper-lightMoving on to the drivers (which need to be downloaded from the Cooler Master site), it’s a bonus to see onboard memory on the Reaper, giving it the capability of moving between multiple systems without having to install separate drivers on each system.

cp-01 cp-02

The first two tabs in the drivers are going to be the most used panels. The button assignment panel is just fine at default settings, with the exception of the clutch control (button #6). Recommendations would be to boost this from 200 DPI to around 1600-2000 for HD monitors. The second panel is used for setting default DPI profiles where four settings are available, each with it’s own polling rate.

cp-03 cp-04

Macros and profiles may also be set up and flashed to memory if so desired in this section. The software is easy to understand and streamlined in such a way that it is intuitive and hassle free.

cp-05 cp-06

The Library View macro panel is designed for loading a set of macros aimed for a specific game or application, if the previous profiles and macro panels are just not enough. The last tab in the drivers gives the ability to check the firmware version of the Reaper and a link for materials or downloads relating to it. 


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