CM Storm Reaper Mouse Review


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Cooler Master Reaper: A Closer Look

The Cooler Master Reaper comes in a completely flat-matte box with no accessories save a small specifications card inside. The particular design of this mouse makes it rather heavy to begin with (a large part has to do with it being over half metal), so additional weights are not necessary.

reaper-box-01 reaper-box-02

The business side of the Reaper has slightly oversized thumb buttons with the additional massive “Clutch” button. The clutch’s purpose is to instantly drop DPI down to a predetermined setting (default 200 DPI which is ridiculously low) while the button is depressed. This aids in games where there is a scope on a weapon or in an application such as Photoshop for zooming up and precision editing is required. The small indentation is where the thumb will rest naturally, using the top side of the thumb to depress the forward / back buttons and the very tip to access the clutch. Note that due to this design it may be problematic to depress more then one thumb button at a time.reaper-leftThe right side of the Reaper in contrast is smooth with just enough of a subtle curve to support the pinky finger. Note that the matt black finish is actually a very fine coating of a non-smearing rubber material. Good for preventing accidental slippage of the hand and fingers.
reaper-rightThe bottom shows three giant sliding pads that are smooth and ultra slick. Be warned that this is a type of mouse you only want to use a soft mouse pad with, since using a hard surface will eventually wear these pads down (replacements may be difficult to come by). Towards the bottom of the mouse is a little removable rubber grommet that is for screw access on removing the aluminum metal plate on top (this is for customizing — additional plates are available for all Storm series accessories at Cooler Master’s site). Cooler Master claims the giant plate is for “passive cooling” your hand while gaming (we’ll see how this works out).

reaper-bottom reaper-plate

Overall the Reaper is a very well constructed mouse on first impression. It’s body and high arc into the palm does not mimic any other type of mice out there at the moment. Even though specifications claim this is a “claw type” of mouse, it is completely possible to also use it with a full open palm with support built in for all fingers (with the middle finger resting on wheel). The mouse wheel itself is a top feature of the Reaper: let’s examine it in finer detail.


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