Func HS-260 Gaming Headset Review


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Func HS-260 Overview

While I haven’t seen them on a physical shelf, I get the impression that Func’s approach to packaging will help them stand out significantly from the other gaming peripherals.  I don’t normally comment on packaging, but on each Func item I’ve tested I couldn’t help myself – I find it fascinating that their approach to designing a peripheral encompasses even the box it comes in.  This type of focus sends a very clear message, at least to me – they’re serious about not wasting your time, offering what you need to improve your game and that’s it.  No gimmicks, no false promises, just pure, targeted functionality.


In that manner there aren’t many “accessories” included with the HS-260, which is to be expected of a headset.  In fact, I was surprised to learn there was an additional set of ear cushions included in the box – while I’ve had headsets that could have the cushions replaced, it was always at an additional cost.  It’s nice to see you are given a choice right from the moment you open the box.  The velour pads come installed and will be a good choice for most people, but for those that prefer the slightly different sound or isolation of leather pads they can easily be swapped out.  Other than that, only the detachable microphone and headset cable accompany the Func HS-260 (along with a short manual and membership card).


The detachable microphone is mounted on the end of a flexible boom.  It has a built-in mute switch, which is a very efficient way to package the microphone – whichever side you prefer your microphone on it is second nature to reach up to the “mic side” if you need to mute.  It stays secure in use, and even though it is easy to remove it is just as simple to bend it out of the way, providing a clean outline (and less of an opportunity to lose the microphone).  The headset audio cable itself is detachable as well, and can also be attached at either the left or right ear cups.


Image Source: Func

The left and right sides of the HS-260 are virtually identical (of course, the audio channels remain “L” and “R”, designated by a small marking on the inside of the head band), and the detachable audio cables and microphone allow you to set up your HS-260 in a manner that fits your preferences.  Considering how annoying it can be to have a cable running the wrong way across your desk, this is a wonderful feature.


Image Source: Func

The housing for the drivers is encased in a chrome-ringed assembly underneath what looks like segmented armor plates.  These panels are covered in Func’s signature soft-touch finish, which feels exquisite.  Seriously, I hope they continue to use this finish wherever possible, I am unabashedly smitten with this material.  It feels great under your fingertips (which admittedly is more important on keyboards and mice) and exudes a subtle appeal that helps the Func HS-260 blend in and compliment the rest of your peripherals.  I realize that sounds more like marketing than a review, but that is my honest experience – if you’ve read any of my other reviews, you’ll see that I overwhelmingly prefer this type of finish to any other, and Func uses it to great effect on their products.


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