Shogun Bros. Ballista MK-1 Gaming Mouse Review


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Shogun Bros. Ballista MK-1 Gaming Mouse Software

The software for the Shogun Bros. Ballista MK-1 is very easily navigated, and easy to understand. On the left side of the window you see three large navigation buttons. The first of which is “Button function.” In this screen you can set the actions for each of the 11 programmable buttons. This comes in handy in many applications, specifically setting up buttons for games on your mouse hand for ease of access. Having a handy reload and melee button can be the difference between life and death on the virtual battleground. This is not just for gaming use however, as you can create other profiles (the selectable mode tabs at the top of the screen) for things like copy/paste, forward/back, and many other daily use activities. There are a plethora of different possibilities.


The second button in the navigation menu is “Macros” This is where you will set macros for use in different applications. Have a long list of key presses that you would like to be automated? Want your awesome spells cast in a certain order via a single button press? This is where you will assign these commands. It works very well, and is easy to understand and execute.


The third button in the navigation menu is “DPI & tool.” This section allows you to adjust the 4 DPI levels of the mouse as well as refresh rate and scroll acceleration. On of the many great features of the mouse and software combination is the ability to adjust the DPI on the X and Y axis independently. Want a faster movement side to side, but to limit your up and down look? You can adjust these settings to make it perfect for the way you game. It is a superb addition to an overall impressive software package.


I tested the report rate when set to 1000Hz, and the result is below. I did the test multiple times, and it was between 990 and 1,000 every single time. That is quite a feat, with most mice falling anywhere from 890-1,000 in the test. This was by far the most consistent in this particular test phase that I have ever seen.



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