NVIDIA nTeresting Newsletter – 31 December 2013

NVIDIA nTeresting Newsletter – 31 December 2013

In this Issue:

· ShadowPlay Twitch streaming moves GeForce Experience to killer app status.
· NVIDIA’s superior support of Linux shows through in the 300 prototype Steam Machines that are now in the hands of beta testers.
· Editors try G-SYNC for themselves and are blown away.
· NVIDIA trades the holiday party for Project Inspire.

ShadowPlay’s Twitch Streaming Goes Beta

If you have not tried ShadowPlay, do it now. ShadowPlay is a free, fast, easy-to-use, gameplay-recording mode that allows you to record video of your most exciting gaming moments and share it with the world. It is DVR for your gaming PC.

“It’s remarkably impressive. If you’ve ever had to use recording software before, especially FRAPS, and suffered as a result, ShadowPlay will seem like a gift from the gods.”

Recently we launched GeForce Experience 1.8.1, which included the first beta release of ShadowPlay Twitch Streaming, and live streamers are stoked.

“I consider ShadowPlay to be one of the best technologies released this year, and with Twitch.tv support now tying in with it, it manages to become even better.”

This new Twitch streaming functionality offers gamers exceptional streaming quality and performance in an extremely clean and simple-to-use package.

“Broadcasting to Twitch has become an integral part of the gaming experience. We’re extremely excited to work with NVIDIA to make Twitch live streaming available to GeForce Experience users. ShadowPlay is revolutionary, providing high quality streams with almost no noticeable performance impact for our users.”

With this release, ShadowPlay has elevated the status for GeForce Experience.

“NVIDIA’s ShadowPlay Becomes Killer App With Introduction Of Twitch Streaming”

Get ShadowPlay and ShawdowPlay Twitch Streaming free when you download GeForce Experience.

NVIDIA’s Linux Support Shines in Steam Machine Prototypes

For years NVIDIA’s Linux drivers have been considered the best. Recently, Phoronix, a leading-Linux website, tested them and found out why.

“The GeForce GTX 780 Ti really shines on Linux as a high performance GPU thanks to being backed by the high quality NVIDIA Linux driver.”

It is the quality, reliability and performance of our Linux drives that makes them stand out.

“Valve went with NVIDIA graphics exclusively in their first-run Steam Machines prototypes for a reason.”

Our years of unmatched Linux support paid off when Valve’s Steam Machine prototypes began to hit the streets this week. Valve shipped out 300 prototypes units to beta testers this week, and they all had a GeForce GTX GPU.

“The GeForce GTX series delivers the graphics performance, acoustic characteristics, and power efficiency we wanted for the first impression of the SteamOS living room game experience.”

We are looking forward to seeing the retail Steam Machines real soon.

G-Sync Changes Everything

In October we introduced a new technology called G-Sync.

“Such innovations are the only way our industry can disruptively move forward and support the technical preeminence of PCs over consoles and other gaming platforms.”

G-SYNC technology synchronizes the monitor’s refresh to the GPU’s render rate, so images display the moment they’re rendered. The result: Scenes appear instantly. Objects are sharper. Game play is smoother.

“Luckily, G-SYNC can be summed up in one word—impressive.”

Editors recently got to see how G-SYNC technology changes the gaming experiences.

“There’s no reason for us not to say it too: G-Sync is simply astounding.”

Unfortunately, we ruined traditional-style monitors for a few folks.

“Two hours later, after running my own G-Sync demo (on my own terms, with my own selection of games), I adamantly swore off gaming on anything but a G-Sync monitor, regardless of its size or resolution. The differences are that extreme. In fact, I’ll go on record and predict that this single technology will decisively win NVIDIA the desktop GPU race within 5 years unless somehow it gets licensed out to AMD. Once you see it for yourself, you’ll never go back.”

G-SYNC is just the latest in a long line of technologies that you get only from a GeForce GTX GPU; technologies such as PhysX, ShadowPlay, SLI and now G-SYNC.

“I feel like NVIDIA is slowly but surely assembling a bunch of components of a truly next-generation gaming experience.”

Our Holiday Party Made the News

NVIDIA was in the holiday spirit, so we decided to give a little love back to the community. We don’t do big holiday blowouts anymore. Instead, we do a day of service.

“Every year, the Santa Clara company takes the money it would spend on a holiday party and pumps it into Project Inspire, a community service project in which 1,500 employees volunteer side by side with their families.”

The results are rewarding and magnificent.

“In two scant days ending Saturday night, a massive infusion of money and volunteers from the graphics-processor giant NVDIA, the city of San Jose and City Year Silicon Valley transformed the school into a place kids might actually enjoy attending.”

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