Antec SPZero Bluetooth Wireless Speaker Review


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Antec SPZero Final Thoughts

Many of the Bluetooth speakers on the market in this price range are just a slight improvement over the source’s built in speaker. The SPZero has managed to break through that barrier by delivering a product that is not only durable in many facets, but can also provide decent sound clarity in style. Antec further emphasized a sense of fashion by including a heavy-duty clip, to take the SPZero anywhere and show it off.

One particular issue that should be addressed in future iterations of this product would be the Bluetooth distance. Yes it does do 10 meters which is large enough to cover almost any average sized room, but if you move the audio source out of direct range of site a distinct crackling in the speaker is apparent. By direct contrast, there are many Bluetooth devices have no issues going through walls.


SPZero Conclusion

The Antec SPZero performance was found to be more then adequate concerning it’s main functionality. It exceeded expectations in battery life and was overall easy to operate. Sound quality was indeed very clear but definitely lacking in bass unless in a favorable physical location. Given how small the unit really is, one can’t really expect more.

The SPZero’s stylish appearance seems to be modeled after a cowbell! Whether done intentionally or not, it’s actually rather attractive and not gaudy at all. It is available in 7 different color combinations to accessorize your personality (or phone) which seems to be the latest trend.

Concerning the construction of the unit it is built pretty tough.  Everything but the top handles (which are a type of plastic) are coated in a thick rubber, protecting the SPZero from accidental drops and moisture. It can definitely be taken pool-side or to the beach, but it isn’t designed to take full submersion.

There was only one issue with the SPZero concerning functionality, and that was just a small oversight in the pairing instructions. Otherwise all functions performed as they should. The smart design of having the buttons obviously accessible right on the top of the unit was refreshing.

As far as overall value is concerned, this product offers a bit more quality and above average sound then some other mobile speaker products in the same price range. For $48.91 (Amazon) you will be hard pressed to find an equivalent Bluetooth speaker.


+ Impressive battery life.
+ Above average sound quality provided the physical placement is correct.
+ Controls are easily accessible and intuitive to use.
+ Built durable: shock proof and water resistant.


– Needs direct line of site for no interference.
– Would prefer more low end frequencies and clip the higher slightly.
– Initial Bluetooth pairing can be tricky at first — user’s manual needs clarity.
– Daisy-chaining units together should provide a stereo sound vs. 2 mono channels.


  • Performance: 7.00
  • Appearance: 7.25
  • Construction: 8.50
  • Functionality: 7.75
  • Value: 8.00

Final Score: 7.7 out of 10.

COMMENT QUESTION: What is the most important feature in a Bluetooth speaker to you?


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