Antec SPZero Bluetooth Wireless Speaker Review


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Antec SPZero Detailed Features

Interestingly enough the cables have been treated with same type of rubber coating that is on the SPZero itself; however, the ribbon wires are very thin so it’s really not a good idea to stretch them tight. The manual is multi-language and does an adequate job of explaining the basic setup and procedures, with the exception of one issue touched on later in the review. Naturally this stylish little cowbell would not be complete without the double-snap utility clip.


The schematic below illustrates the ports and buttons a little bit more clearly.  One thing to note is that the LED indicator is not visible unless the unit is functioning. The LED is dual colored and changes dependent on function and flashes at different rates indicating battery charge or Bluetooth pairing.


One special feature this unit has is the unique ability to be daisy chained to multiple units to increase the sounds’ volume. Even though the 1/8″ cable and ports are designed for a stereo signal, we did not test two units simultaneously in this type of configuration; furthermore, there is nothing provided in the specs or manual to indicate that a stereo signal would be possible.



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