Raidmax Cobra Mid-Tower Case Review


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Raidmax Cobra Black Steel Case Interior

The interior of the Raidmax Cobra Black Steel case has lots of room for expansion and cabling. Right off the bat, the most noticeable thing is the green motherboard tray. Although some people may not be a fan of green colors, the motherboard does cover up most of the motherboard tray after installation. The motherboard tray also includes rounded edges for cable management. This is great because rounded edges prevents your cables from getting cut during installation. It also prevents yourself from getting cuts as you install your cables, so Raidmax is thinking about you.Raidmax Cobra Without Side Panel

The motherboard tray has several cutouts for cable management. Look at the large cutout for the CPU mount. This gives lots of room to work with if you find yourself in need of changing CPU coolers when you do not want to take everything out of your case.

At the bottom, we can see where the PSU mounts. There is also a large cutout to the right of the PSU mount that leads to the back of the motherboard tray for cable management. This cutout is large enough for even some of the largest cables, such as the 24-pin cable for the motherboard. To the bottom right of the case, we can see there are three tool less 3.5″ expansion bay slots for desktop hard drives. Right above that, we have four 2.5″ hard drive and SSD tool less slots as well. The medal rail slide HDD rack can also be shifted towards the left to convert of from having four 2.5″ expansion drives to four 3.5″ expansion drives. So in total, there can be three 3.5″ expansion drives and four 2.5″ expansion drives or seven 3.5″ expansion drives.Raidmax Cobra DVD Expansion

Then at the top right, we have those three 5.25″ drive bays for your DVD or Bluray drives. Remember, these drives are also tool less but you can still have the option to install screws for maximum security. Raidmax Cobra DVD Expansion BayTo the right of the 5.25″ drive bays, we have two motherboard cutouts that leads to the back of the motherboard for cable management. If you install anything into these 5.25″ drive bays, you can route your cables using the closest motherboard cutout for the best cable management solution.

Raidmax Cobra Front Fans

The Raidmax Cobra Black Steel case does provide one preinstalled 120mm front fan. But when I was building the case, I noticed there is a second 120mm fan mount on top of the preinstalled fan. Sadly, the top fan cannot spin because the spacing from the fan and to the front ports will be too close. The wires of the front panel ports will block the fan from spinning, rendering it useless. So I recommend you do not install a 120mm fan on top of the preinstalled 120mm front fan.

Now that we have seen the inside of the case, lets start building it and see just how much we can squeeze into the Raidmax Cobra Black Steel case.


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