Raidmax Cobra Mid-Tower Case Review


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Raidmax Cobra Black Steel Case Exterior

Starting out on the front of the Raidmax Cobra Black Steel case, we can see that it has three 5.25″ expansion bays for DVD and BlueRay drives. Even though people are tuning more into digital media as of today, the Raidmax Cobra still offers plenty of expansion bays for those who still want to watch movies from a physical disk. These expansion bays are tool less, meaning no screws are required. However, you can still use screws to help secure what ever you install into these expansion bays for maximum support.

Raidmax Cobra Front

Below the expansion bays are your front panel ports. Starting from the left, we have a power button, a USB 2.0 port, then a headphone jack, a microphone jack, followed by a USB 3.0 port, and a reset button. Above the front panel ports are your power LED and hard drive activity LED. It is good to see a case at this price level to have a front USB 3.0 port. The only downside to this is that it only has a total of two front USB ports. This can become a limiting factor to some people who find themselves using many USB devices. At the bottom, we have a huge intake for that preinstalled front 120mm green LED fan. This is great because having a huge intake allows the fan to pull more air into the chassis.

Raidmax Cobra Back

At the back of the Raidmax Cobra Black Steel case, starting from the top, we have that preinstalled 120mm fan which will exhaust warm air out of the chassis. Right below the fan are two water cooling retention holes. These will come in handy if you plan to build a custom water loop in this chassis. Moving down we will see there are seven expansion slots. It is standard to have seven expansion slots for a mid-tower case. These expansion slots are covered with rubber plates, which also has holes for ventilation.

At the very bottom, we can see that the Raidmax Cobra Black Steel case has a bottom mount for the power supply unit. Having a bottom mount for the PSU keeps the PSU much cooler because all what it does is draw air from the bottom of the case and out the back. It does not have to draw warm air from every component like in a top mount PSU chassis.Raidmax Cobra With Side Panel

At the right side of the case, we have a small window that allows us to peek into where the graphics card will be installed. There are also dented-out parts on the side panel which will be great for tall CPU coolers up to 176mm. On the other side, it is similar to this side just that it lacks a window. Having these dented-out areas allows more flexibility for cable management as it gives more interior room.

Now that we have seen the exterior of the case, lets have a close look at what is on the inside.


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