Prolimatech Black Series Genesis CPU Cooler Review

Prolimatech Black Series Genesis CPU Cooler Review

Many Prolimatech products are synonymous with quality and performance. The Megahalem was just the beginning and has been improved upon many times over the years, with the release of the Super Mega and various other revision and different product lines. Then there are, of course, their more traditional tower-style heatsinks, like the Armageddon and Panther. Prolimatech is also no stranger to thinking outside the box, which their Genesis cooler clearly proves.

I will review Prolimatech’s Special Edition Genesis Black Series cooler today. This heatsink’s finish is a matte black, giving it a stylish appearance. What sets it apart is its unique L-shaped design allowing for up to three fans to be attached. There is also the improved memory clearance over the more popular traditional dual-tower design used by their competitors. Overall with ninety aluminum fins, six 6 mm heatpipes, and the ability to cool more than just the CPU, this Prolimatech heatsink looks fairly impressive already… at techPowerUp!

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