Corsair Raptor HS30 Gaming Headset Review


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Corsair Raptor HS30 Detailed Features

The Corsair Raptor HS 30 Gaming headset is solidly built and the quality of workmanship is apparent. A bit heavy at 16 ounces, but this extra weight seems to disappear when you set the HS30 on your head. The head band is nicely padded to help distribute the weight evenly across the head.


I have worn the headset while traveling and although it was somewhat warm and I did not feel overly uncomfortable due to heat. In fact on one flight the aircraft interior started at -25 C, so it was kind of nice to have warm ears.

It is also good to note that the Raptor HS30 is equipped with large circumaural ear cushions that provide very solid sound dampening. This was a remark made by a couple other (family) reviewers when they had a chance to use them while I was on yet another trip.


Everything is not all rosy though, when you slip the headset on you immediately notice that the boom on the microphone is flexible, but does not stay at where you bend it. This may have something to do with the ambient noise reduction, but I still like my mike close to my mouth. It was necessary to run my microphone at maximum volume, which I am not used to doing. On the other hand there were no comments about background noise problems from my cohorts.


The Raptor HS30 comes with a 9 foot chord with analogue connectors, which will fit into every computer that has the two standard 3.5 mm jack connectors.


The other feature to note is a volume control and mike on-off switch, both of which work very well. The length of cord between the headset and the volume control feels right to me, not too far down the line, but not up near your head. I also like the microphone kill switch so you know, for sure, that the mike is off or on.



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