Cooler Master CM Storm Reaper Gaming Mouse Review

Cooler Master CM Storm Reaper Gaming Mouse Review

Gaming is full of enjoyment for most people and there is so much variety to please anyone. We have our casual games that get played on mobile devices, such as angry birds and candy crush. Those are certainly entertaining for short periods of time. But in my opinion nothing beats crushing your opponent in an RTS or relieving the stress of the day by kicking butt in your favorite first person shooter. Then of course there are those who enjoy the MMORPG, while it can sometimes be like working an awesome second job, they certainly have a variety of things to do that will please many different gamers.

To dominate though you need to have some skill and it doesn’t hurt to have the right tools for the job. For PC gaming that means having a decent keyboard and mouse. One that is comfortable for those long gaming sessions. It doesn’t hurt to have a non-slip grip and plenty of extra buttons to program and for certain types of games the ability to write macros. The CM Storm Reaper has everything and more so I want to refer to it as the Grim Reaper of gaming mice, helping you to reap souls in your favorite game… at HiTechLegion

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