Palit GTX 780 Ti JetStream 3GB Video Card Review

Palit GTX 780 Ti JetStream 3GB Video Card Review

The GeForce GTX 780 Ti is designed to be a gamer’s card throughout. It has all the muscle any game could possibly need and has another thing going its way: better thermals. Despite the “GK110” featuring more transistors than “Hawaii” (7.08 billion vs. 6.20 billion) and, hence, a bigger die (561 mm² vs. 438 mm²), GK110-based products are inherently cooler because of higher “Kepler” micro-architecture performance-per-watt figures than AMD’s “Graphics CoreNext,” which translates into lower thermal density. These should in turn translate into lower temperatures and, hence, lower noise levels. Energy-efficiency and fan-noise are really the only tethers NVIDIA’s high-end pricing is holding on to.

Today, we are reviewing Palit’s triple-slot, triple-fan GeForce GTX 780 Ti Jetstream. The card comes overclocked to 980 MHz base clock out of the box, which is a 12% increase over the NVIDIA reference design. Palit has unfortunately not released any pricing yet, but I expect the card to match reference design pricing as Palit has priced their cards like that in the past… at techPowerUp!

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