NVIDIA nTeresting Newsletter – 9 December 2013

NVIDIA nTeresting Newsletter – 9 December 2013

In this issue:

· SHIELD gets more features with the latest update.
· NVIDIA beta tests GRID. End users and press get excited about cloud gaming’s potential.
· A Chinese fan builds a giant graphics card out of LEGOs.
· NVIDIA is under the hood at the LA Auto Show.

More SHIELD Goodness

SHIELD owners got a major update this week, and those without one got a chance to get a great deal.

“All these features are solid additions to a rapidly improving device, and great news for those who picked up a SHIELD for cheap on Black Friday.”

NVIDIA GameStream just got a bit better. You can now stream from your PC at up to 1080p @ 60 FPS in Console Mode when using Ethernet and 720p @ 60 FPS with improved Wi-Fi performance. New PC titles ready for GameStream include the fall blockbusters: Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag, Batman: Arkham Origins, Battlefield 4, and Call of Duty: Ghosts.

“NVIDIA has released a new update for SHIELD that boosts the quality of GameStream play when the Android console is paired with a gaming PC, enabling new control methods, and making better use of the device’s own display.”

Gamepad Mapper also got improvements with a new community-profiles beta that features the ability to share, browse, and rate gamepad mapping profiles. You can map gyro simulation to analog thumbsticks with new “motion sensor” feature. The right thumbstick also got better for first-person perspective games that use touch swipes to look around and a new “accelerated cursor” option for joystick mouse mode.

“More impressively, you can now map movement and look controls in Android games to the two thumbsticks. The change should make playing first-person shooters on SHIELD feel more natural.”

To celebrate the holiday season in the US, we’re offering a $50 instant savings now through the end of December, bringing SHIELD to an attractive $249. With the December software update and the holiday promotion, there has never been a better time to buy SHIELD!

GRID Gets Beta’d

As part of the new SHIELD update, owners were treated to a new feature—playing games from the cloud. NVIDIA is launching a beta of our GRID cloud gaming platform.

“NVIDIA SHIELD owners sure are a lucky bunch. Not content with a recent update which brought 1080p streaming of PC games, NVIDIA has stepped up their game by giving an extremely fortunate set of SHIELD owners the ability to test NVIDIA’s GRID cloud gaming service.”

We made the beta available exclusively to SHIELD owners living in the Northern California USA. But others are having luck with it, too.

“Currently, servers are ONLY located in Northern California so the further out you are, the more likely you will be to run into problems. However, doing some testing in Kentucky and Ohio resulted in very playable gaming scenarios, though we did run into some connection problems that might be load-based or latency-based.”

Users will be able to enable remote play by streaming high-quality PC games from our data center to SHIELD gaming portables.

Early feedback in press has been positive.

“We’ve used both OnLive and Gaikai, and as of today GRID easily trumps both….. Overall, it looks and feels about as good as playing games on a console.”

““Overall my experience with the first beta of GRID was very positive including both latency and image quality.”

And customer feedback has been great, too.

“The SHIELD is the best purchase I have ever made – period, it just serve(s) all purposes…”

The beta will provide valuable information for us to ensure an awesome gaming experience. If you meet the requirements grab a SHIELD and give us your feedback.

A Giant LEGO GeForce

What do you do with 11,396 LEGOs and a passion for NVIDIA? Do what Xiaosheng Li of Beijing, China did and build a giant replica of the GeForce GTX 690. See his three-month project on our blog.

A Supercomputer on Wheels

NVIDIA was in LA this week for the Los Angeles Automotive Show. A graphics company at an auto show? You bet.

NVIDIA enables innovation in Audi’s new economical A3 boasting 4G connected technology. The new seven-inch Multi Media Interface screen is tied to Audi’s latest-generation infotainment architecture powered by a newly upgradable NVIDIA Tegra processor.

“NVIDIA, the leader in visual computing, leverages its vast experience in graphics processing and extensive global team of software engineers to provide an entire design and development ecosystem, helping automakers bring new in-vehicle experiences to the market more quickly”.

The Mini, Bentley, Volkswagen Golf, and some BMWs also feature NVIDIA-powered instrumentation.

“Revving up cars to become sophisticated, sensor-driven, connected mobility machines, NVIDIA puts supercomputers in your driveway. Leveraging some of the most complex 3D rendering for games and technical design, NVIDIA has a decisive head start in the brave new world of automotive computing.”

The all-electric Tesla Model S is enthusiastically called a computer on wheels and the single best consumer gadget, with vivid infotainment and instrument clusters driven by NVIDIA Tesla GPUs. Check out Tesla Model S, Best Car Ever, by Frank van Gilluwe and Kim Rogers in the section titled Heart of the Machine for more details and read more on our blog.

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